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Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India)

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India) works across Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar to enable the empowerment of rural communities and groups, particularly the under-privileged and women, to take control over their lives and manage their environment, and to create a better and more equitable society. AKSRP(I) joined the Blended Learning Initiative in 2016 to overcome several challenges: the limitations of the traditional theory-oriented and lecture-based way of community engagement, the lack of trainers and training materials in remote areas, and the costliness of the traditional capacity building model. The main beneficiaries of AKRSP(I)’s blended learning work are community members. AKRSP(I) is also using blended learning and video-based content for staff capacity building, reporting, and promotional purposes. The AKRSP(I) Blended Learning Team has 8 members.


The Aga Khan Foundation (India) works in seven states across India – Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh – to bring together the required human, financial and technical resources to assist the poorest and most marginalised, especially women and girls, such that they achieve a level of self-reliance and improved quality of life. AKF (India) joined the Blended Learning Initiative in 2017 with the goal of distinguishing and scaling up its work. AKF (India) is keen to leverage blended learning as a ready-made, well-developed formula for including technology in its work in a way that is low-cost and relatively easy to roll-out. The main beneficiaries of this work are expected to be AKF staff, government workers (teachers, health workers, and others), and community members.

Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India)
  • Photography through Smartphones/Tablets (Hindi)
  • Planning and Budgeting for Panchayati Raj Institutions (Hindi)
  • Organic Farming (Hindi)
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Steps of Hygiene
  • Roof Rain Water Harvesting
Aga Khan Foundation (India)
  • Masons Training (Hindi)
  • Employment Preparedness for Adolescent Girls Programme (Hindi)
  • Parenting Programme for Early Childhood Development Programme (Hindi)
  • Training of Frontline Health Workers (Hindi)
  • Solid Waste Management (Hindi)
  • E-nayi Pahal: My self, my food (Hindi)
  • School Hygiene Education Programme (Hindi)
  • School Management Committee Strengthening (Hindi)
  • Compelling Concept Notes (Hindi / English)
  • Early Grade Learning (Hindi)
  • Effective Fundraising from Corporates & Corporate Social Responsibility (Hindi / English)
  • Goat Management (Hindi)