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The Aga Khan Foundation in Portugal is both a knowledge producer and an implementer working to build the capacity of institutions and professionals to develop stronger structures, systems, and human capacity in the country. Through the Blended Learning Initiative, AKF Portugal aims to increase its reach and impact in a more cost-effective way, supporting the organisational capacity building of umbrella organisations, and to position itself as a knowledge partner for government, local authorities, civil society and private sector.

  • Company Mobilisation (Portuguese)
  • Financial Procedures (Portuguese)
  • Organisational Capacity Assessments (Portuguese)
  • Strategic Planning (Portuguese)
  • Effective Funding Proposals (Portuguese)
  • Co-management Spaces (Portuguese)
  • Financial Management (Portuguese)
  • Employability Networks (Portuguese)
  • Participatory Diagnostics (Portuguese)
  • Innovative Community Projects (Portuguese)