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Initiated in 2014 as a joint project between the La Caixa Foundation and the Aga Khan Foundation, the Juntos! initiative seeks to help civil society organisations in Mozambique address their critical long-term needs: governance, leadership, strategic planning, networking, communications, human resources, and resource mobilisation. Through the Blended Learning Initiative, Juntos! gives civil society actors access to relevant, engaging, and highly applicable training courses. Juntos! also enables participating organisations to create and deliver their own courses, cascading their skills and knowledge to other, smaller organisations in Mozambique. Through its current network of partners, Juntos! hopes to reach out to hundreds more civil society organisations in the country.

Juntos! partners
  • Communications Plan (Portuguese)
  • Organisational Capacity Assessments (Portuguese)
  • Organisational Strategy Development (Portuguese)
  • Proposal Development (Portuguese)