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Aga Khan Foundation
Blended Learning Initiative

Highly localised courses – produced through a unique low-cost video production model – that enable communities, civil society, teachers, farmers and others to develop real-life, practical skills in free, engaging and fun way. Join us!

Our low-cost approach replaces traditional short-term, high-cost workshop-based capacity building trainings with blended learning content produced in a low-cost video lab. Classroom time is reduced by as much as 80%, thus significantly lowering the cost of course delivery. The low-cost course production model means our courses are scalable and easily replicable to other languages and contexts.

Our courses are designed to be interactive, engaging, and fun! The video-based portion of courses includes a local narrator speaking to the learner, illustrative footage from the local context, exercises, templates and tools, self-assessment quizzes, and other resources. The in-person workshops, which are standardised and guided, use gamification principles, interactivity, and learning-by-doing to ensure learners stay actively engaged throughout.

Our courses are offered in a range of languages and localised to the different cultural, socio-economic, and linguistic contexts they are delivered in. AKF’s decades-long experience in the communities where we work allows us to create courses that are adapted and highly relevant to the real-life problems of target audiences.

Our courses and tools are user-friendly and intuitive. Content is presented in bite-sized format and accessible on any device, allowing learners to access content anytime, anywhere, and promoting lifelong learning. Our course content and tools are suited to people with different levels of comfort with technology. With blended learning, everyone can benefit – old and young, urban and rural, literate and illiterate.