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AKRSPI Employee Induction – India

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The AKRSP(I) Employee Induction course is all about welcoming new employees to the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India) and introducing them to the organisation. The course helps new employees to establish a relationship with their colleagues and supervisors, engages them with the overall vision and mission of the organisation, and helps them understand their role within the organisation’s overall structure.

AKRSP(I) works across three states in India. As the organisation is growing rapidly, recruitment is an ongoing process. This course aims to bring standardisation to the induction process, helping orient new employees on time. It also helps reduce the amount of time needed for the induction process.

This course is AKRSP(I)’s first blended learning course which gives new employees an objective view of AKRSP(I) culture and work ethic, helping new joiners to better integrate into the workplace from day one.


Video: 32 mins
Workshop: 1/2 day



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