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Facilitating an Inclusive Learning Environment Workshop

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Are you an educator who is expected to lead face-to-face workshops on how to create an inclusive classroom environment?  If yes, then this course is for you!  

This course will introduce you to the role of facilitator in the context of the Inclusive Learning Environment Workshop and will walk you through conducting all the sessions in the Facilitator Guide developed for this workshop.  It will help you to improve your facilitation skills, and will give you some advice on how best to contextualise the Inclusive Classroom Environment Guide.

This course is the third in a series of three courses in the Inclusive Learning Environment Courses Series.  The first course is entitled Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment and the second Development Dialogues in Education.  You should make sure to watch these two courses before before Leading an Inclusive Learning Environment Workshop, if you haven’t done so already.

TARGET AUDIENCE FOR THIS COURSE:  Future Inclusive Classroom Environment Workshop Facilitators


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