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Wood Profiling – Egypt

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The Wood Profiling course builds on the General Carpentry course and seeks to introduce learners to the aesthetic values and unity of Islamic art, Islamic art engineering, and the history of wood profiling. It shows learners different wood forming techniques, and explains how wood compaction methods and structures relevant to profiling. Learners are introduced to the art of arabesque and of mashrabbeya and taught various contemporary applications of this particular aspect of Egyptian cultural heritage.

 Having completed the course, learners will be able to will be able to recognise different types of wood profiles and explain how they are done, they will know how to make such wood profiles and how to apply them a range of wood products. The course aims to support the revival of the craft of arabesque and to help re-introduce in a manner that is in harmony with modern architecture.


Video: 55 mins.
Workshop: 16 hours



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