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Entrepreneurship – Egypt

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This blended learning course on entrepreneurship was developed by Mezala for Social Development, an Egyptian NGO based in Cairo, on the basis of a traditional face-to-face training curriculum produced by La Caixa Banking Foundation.

The introductory course, which includes 70 minutes of video-based material and 16 hours of in-person training, aims to provide aspiring and established micro- and small business owners in Egypt with foundational skills in the area of entrepreneurship. The course has as its primary audience youth and women in Cairo.

The course introduces the concept of entrepreneurship. It explains how to conduct a feasibility study, how to conduct market research, and how to develop a marketing mix. It also shows learners how to develop a financial plan and how to put together an initial business plan.


video: 70 mins
16 hours in-person training



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Mezala for Social Development

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