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These days, there are many farmers in East Africa struggling to grow enough fodder to feed their animals – because their land is too small, not fertile enough, not irrigated enough, or simply because the climate has become so unpredictable.

But there is one amazing plant, called bana grass, which is non-invasive and genetically stable and which invests all its energy into producing its lush leaves.  It’s a plant that can live long and grow fast – with minimal care.  All of this makes it ideal for growing and for feeding livestock.

This short instructional video explains the benefits and characteristics of bana grass and explains to farmers how they can plant it, take care of it, harvest it, and feed it to their animals.

The video is available in Swahili and English.

The development of this video was supported by AMFRI Farms Ltd. and Food & Beverage Madagascar.


Video: 8 mins.



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